May Arts Weekend 2019: Sunday Pictorial

We hiked to the Deep Bay Bridge studio to visit Eleni Bagaki, an artist from Greece who has developed an appreciation for iceberg watching.I was very grateful for my Fogo Island walking stick by Denise McGrath.My next stop was Herring Cove Art Gallery in Shoal Bay. Winston and Linda had a busy week but many were repeat customers.P1250377The last stop was Site Specific, a food event with Chef Jonathon Gushue of the Fogo Island Inn and Marc Fiset’s Fogo Island Metalworks.Gushue and others cooked on fire pits designed and built by Fiset in Shoal Bay. I especially loved seeing flat breads toasted in Marc’s working forge.Menu featured moose stew with creme fraiche and partridgeberry jam. Cheese biscuits, flat breads, roasted vegetables, quail eggs and moose prosciutto were also optios. The terrine was chicken, quail and duck. There were pairings of zucchini pickles, bread and butter pickles, pickled beets and jams from Winston and Linda Osmond’s Herring Cove Gallery.

All delicious with a glass of mulled wine or Labrador tea on a cold May day.


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