Ethridges Point Seaside Festival

I started this post for 2015 and a year later, it was still in the draft box. Sometimes I lose my momentum when there are so many things to write about!

Here’s the first day of Festival, Aug. 6, 2016 to encourage others to get out for day 2 today!

My favorite part is still the Outport Dancers! (and the toutons)

A post started last year that needed another festival to complete!


Great local entertainment and toutons and fisherman’s brewis from the canteen. What’s not to like?

The Etheridge Point Seaside Festival is held on the ball field in Joe Batts Arm around the first weekend in August.

Part of the Friday evening opening is the singing or playing of the song The Joe Batts Longliners and a Flotilla of vessels of various sizes.

2016 small boats in the flotilla


One of my favorite features of this event is the performance by the Outport Dancers. From Ev Brett on the accordion to the dance caller’s sense of humor and the great moves of the dancers, it’s little wonder everyone wants in when invited on the last song.

Here’s a video from 2015 and photos from yesterday, August 6.

Local entertainers performed from late afternoon until well after dark.

Greg Foley sang, did recitations and square danced!
Peter Kelly!





Another crowd favorite was The Coffin Family.

Every kind of music many every kind of person want to dance!


If you are seeing this on Aug. 7, 2016 get your camper or your bike and get there. If you are seeing it later than that, start planning for next year. You can take the ferry or charter a plane! No trouble to get a dance!

Everybody is welcome. Parking for all.

If you can’t stand great music, great company, great food, supporting your community and good clean fun, maybe you’ll come for the scenery? See you at the festival this afternoon!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to Maritime Air Charter Limited  and Ross Osmond for this great aerial shot of the festival site!

See you next time Steve and Aiden!

Call me next time, Ross!

Blog post courtesy of the WiFi at The Cod Jigger Diner, Fogo Island Central.


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