Finding Fogo Island

Finding Fogo Island

After 20 years of visits and day trips, we are finally finding Fogo Island is a place we might call home, at least seasonally.  With the purchase of  a small old house (with lots of big jobs needed), I hope to still find time to skip off to find stories and information to share to friends, family and followers and those who are wondering just what all the fuss is about.

Because my other blog LazydaysNL ( is focused towards travels across the Island of Newfoundland, I thought this one might be more specific to showcase people who live, visit and create on Fogo Island and also the events and locations that I find so compelling.

My aims are to encourage others from near and far who are thinking of coming to visit to spend some time and find the communities that make this Island great. They are also to provide memories to those who are away and miss it and it is with the best of intentions of showing just how talented and kind Fogo Islanders have been and continue to be.

Diane Davis


13 thoughts on “Finding Fogo Island

  1. My family roots are in Tilting, so I am interested in your blog. I have been to Fogo (Tilting) twice and will soon have to make a return visit.


    1. Tilting is beautiful. I have a draft of a post started about Tilting. I also have some other Fogo Island posts on my blog. Island Hopping with Friends has a few Tilting pictures for sure. Thanks for the encouraging post.


  2. We spent several days on Fogo Island last September in a Salt Box House in Fogo and loved it. The people were so friendly. Would like to return some day. We are from McCall, Idaho


    1. There are so many beautiful accommodations on Fogo Island. Love the views from the Old Salt Box House Co. properties. The spring is nice to see the icebergs. Start planning now!


  3. I know the exact spot you took this photo! I rented Livy’s house just to the right on the hill top. I am missing the island and my friends that live in Barr’ds Island. please keep posting.
    I started a blog of Fogo island myself but only words of poetry and paintings seems to come out of me 🙂 one month is just no long enough.
    Would love to chat.


  4. Looking forward to hearing more.
    Thanks for making the time to comment on my blog The Great Auk.
    Fogo Island has so much to offer and it sounds as if you are already well informed.


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