Fogo Island Icebergs May 27-29/16


It’s been almost a year since we bought a little house in Deep Bay. Work obligations and ferry woes mean we haven’t spent much time there since the fall but we went out on the weekend to spend a couple of nights.

I was anxious to get some iceberg pictures and to feel the excitement they cause me when I see them. It’s not something I can explain but those who like them, like them a lot!

It didn’t take long to see an iceberg. As I was driving through Stoneville on my way to the ferry I could see one across the water. Just a bergy bit but enough to get me to stop and try for a picture.


The ferry was off schedule but that worked to our advantage when she did an extra trip. Crossing in the sunshine it was easy to pick ten icebergs on the horizon towards Change Islands and Island Harbour directions.

Our first stop was a run out to Penney’s Point in Little Seldom for a quick check. The bergs were far out here too but the scenery is always great.

Icebergs in Seldom/Little Seldom, May 27, 2016

Our house in Deep Bay has no running water so we stopped to turn on the power and turn on a bit of heat before running errands. Our back yard consists of a rock the same size as our house. From the top of our rock I could see over the islands and zoom in on this berg far outside the Bay.

Iceberg outside Deep Bay, May 27, 2016

Our errands meant the next stop was Cyril’s in Island Harbour. Zoom added to being able to see the details but it was not needed to see all of these bergs.

Poor Leo doesn’t have a choice when the icebergs are so plentiful. We went to every community on the island to get views.

Tilting had more than icebergs for our amusement. This guy was right on beat to the radio.


Little Harbour in Barr’d Island had a great berg that changed shapes throughout the weekend.

In Joe Batt’s Arm we saw icebergs from Etheridge’s Point and from the Fogo Island Inn.

And driving back and forth across the Island we could see icebergs in the mouth of Shoal Bay in sunshine and in rain.

But the best and closes views on this weekend were in the community of Fogo at the Fogo Battery. The icebergs were plentiful and close and it was a beautiful sunny evening when we went.

On our way to they ferry we stopped to visit Joan and Max Penney and see their newly renovated Nan’s House rental. The house is lovely and going to be very popular with it’s water view.

Especially when a bit of zoom gives you this out one bedroom window.


And this out a window in another direction.



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