The Fogo Island Punt Race 2016


It was a gorgeous morning! The best ever for a punt race, I think!


The punts were ready, the follow boats were ready, it was all ready to go! Fraser Carpenter was making connections after her many travels. With her paddles over her shoulder, she was ready too!

From the time the rowers got in the punts and to the start line, the wind changed and the temperature dropped about 8 degrees.


You could see the weather coming and Peter Decker held on to Long Tom while the conditions were checked further out from Joe Batts Arm to keep everyone safe.

Finally, it was time!

With the canon boom of Long Tom, the muzzle loader ‘starting pistol’, they were off!



It didn’t seem to take long at all for Kevin Purchase and Greg Boyd to disappear and then, reappear well ahead of the other punts.

As per her tradition, Zita Cobb met each punt, from first to last as they docked after the race.

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Thanks The Cod Jigger Diner and Ross Osmond for the wifi today! Oh, the the food was delicious as always.


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