Festivals, Family and Friends (Old and New)

Pegs Place B and B kicking off the Brimstone Head Festival a bit early!

We're loving our extended stay on Fogo Island this summer. We have to leave on the weekend  for a few days and will miss the Brimstone Head Festival but that doesn't mean you can't go!

Festivals and community days are often factors in family from away booking their holidays. Because the whole community comes out, it's a great chance to see everyone in one place, get the news and reconnect.


We managed (so far) this summer to get to Stag Harbour Day, both days of the Etheridge Point Festival and last night we took a run out to the RV Park to see that things are already ramping up for the Brimstone Folk Head Festival.

If you are planning a holiday or a trip home (and can't stay "to mother's") make sure you book accommodations, including spaces at the RV park well in advance.  Many rooms and RV sites are reserved year to year. The island will be full on every festival weekend, even with the annual increase to the number of rentals the past few years.

What happens around a festival?

There's great local music on stage.

There's often performers from other areas of Newfoundland who come to take in the events and perform.

In some cases, the timing is just right for family celebrations to overflow to the field as happened this weekend when John Drake dedicated a song to Tommy Butt on his 78th birthday.

Happy birthday Tommy! What a great dancer!

There's food too!

Fisherman's brewis and toutons give tourists a taste of Newfoundland and are local favorites too, even when they made it themselves and donated it to the festival to raise money for the fire departments and other community groups.

There are kids events and games. Who doesn't love a bouncy castle and a painted face?


There are dances in the evenings and sometimes even fireworks.

We were lucky enough to catch some live music at Pegs Place, the long-established B and B in Fogo. With all rooms booked, they had a great crowd on hand and cars stopped and folks listened with windows open or got out to have a visit.

We had a great visit with a couple from Ontario who were spending 4 nights on Fogo Island and loving it. They even managed to get a reservations for lunch and a tour if the Fogo Island Inn besides their great stay at Pegs.


Aaron Brown, Gerald Freake, Kyra Morgan and Jason Hoven had  lots of great music to share and passed instruments around as they took turns singing too.

There are so many great festivals all around Newfoundland. Try to take one in if you can but especially the community festivals where money helps the local economy and musicians volunteer their talents and committee members serve long hours to make it great for you. Hats off to the many volunteers on Fogo Island!

Just realized as I was looking for this link for events that we also did the Punt Race and I plan to do the Feile in Tilting in September and we haven't missed a Partridgeberry Festival in 3 years......So much to do.

Get event dates here and the town web site also has a list of accommodations. Book now. See you there!


Happy Birthday Tommy Butt from "Lowell" McKenna's woman!

I want a dance next year, please.




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